Capita Asset Management is a fund manager that invests money on behalf of its clients. With an experienced and focused investment team, Capita enriches its clients’ lives and compounds their wealth over time.

Our Investment Aim

Capita's objective is to grow all assets allocated to the team in real, inflation-beating terms over the long-term and to ensure protection from any permanent capital loss. Capita Asset Management invests in good quality businesses at the right price level, which significantly reduces the potential for any permanent capital loss.

Investment Approach

We identify opportunities through a top-down, bottom-up, fundamental investment process.

1. Know the business

  • We invest in businesses that we have researched thoroughly and therefore know well.
  • We do not invest in businesses with excessive financial leverage.
  • We do not invest in businesses where there are major concerns about management.

2. Know the price

  • We appraise what the business is worth in a worst-case scenario.
  • We do not overpay for an investment.

3. Know the correct weighting

  • We do not over extend a position.
  • We limit the weight of any investment that we believe to have a higher risk.

4. Know the investment case

  • We only invest if there is a margin of safety.
  • All investments carry some degree of risk, but at Capita we only invest if there is an adequate margin of safety built into our own valuations.
  • Invest in good businesses with shareholder-oriented managers and low financial risk when valuations are attractive.
  • Thinking and acting like long-term business owners in a market focused on the short-term.


Executive Team

Ian Kilbride



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Adrian Meager

MD and CIO


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Tiaan Meyer

Chief Financial Officer


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Ryan Magee

Chief Operations Officer


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